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2019-05-08 10:17:24 121

First China Research and Development Platform for Industrialized RAS Freshwater Fish

Combined with the advanced experience at home and abroad, through the integrated innovation and independent innovation, the industrial recirculing water aquaculture system of the platform has further optimized and perfected the existing recirculating water culture technology, and innovated the application of solid-liquid separation, mechanical filtration, foam separation, CO2 degassing and biological filter to remove water-soluble NH4-N, NO2-N and other harmful substances. The production process has been disinfected by ozone and ultraviolet rays. Automation control system, remote alarm system, automatic oxygen filling device, automatic bait feeding system and water quality on-line monitoring system have been developed independently to further enhance the stability and reliability of the system and create water quality and environmental strips suitable for aquatic organisms. Piece.

Compared with other domestic and foreign aquaculture (pond, cage, reservoir) models, the industrialized recirculating aquaculture model can achieve economic, high-yield, efficient, safe, healthy, zero-emission breeding objectives.