Sichuan Tongwei Group Company Limited

2019-05-08 10:14:36 136

Tongwei Group - Chongzhou Catfish Aquaculture Base Project in Sichuan Province

The project is a comprehensive agricultural development project approved by the Ministry of agriculture in February 2012. The project includes the expansion of 512 M2 daylight breeding workshop, 720 M2 management room and warehouse, 800 M2 transformation of the original breeding workshop. Among them, the expansion of the daylight breeding workshop can produce 90 million seedlings in a batch, is the first freshwater fish fry hatching and cultivation of the solar greenhouse breeding workshop. The sunlight breeding workshop adopts advanced land-saving, energy-saving and water-saving technologies and equipment to control the water quality and environmental conditions needed by cultured organisms within the scope of needs, so as to make the cultured organisms grow healthily and rapidly, which is a kind of breeding mode of environmentally sound production.

Qingdao HISHING Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a set of fresh water recirculating water treatment system (including one smart belt type micro-filter, two biological filters, one aerator and stripper), 28 aquaculture tanks, and one electric control system and one smart water quality monitoring system. This set of equipment is a domestic first-class seedling cultivation and adult fish farming equipment.